Woodshed Wallpaper ™

Free reference materials in music theory and science: things to hang on the woodshed walls! Includes useful Pitch and BPM calculators.


This site is in flux: check back for changes.

  • Scales and Modes (Chromatic)

    • A color-coded chart of scale harmonies; giving chord qualities and scale construction, of all modes of various common scales.

  • Mode Map

    • A unique graph, that gives the relationships between various modes, based on the modified scale tones that link them.

  • Circle of Fifths

    • A concise version of the standard circle of fifths: used to spell key signatures, and also see modulations, progressions, intervals, and more.

  • Chord Tensions & Characteristic Tones

    • A chart giving "the commonly available tensions" for most chord qualities; and, the characteristic chord tones.

  • Chromatic Chord Functions

    • A chart giving the functions of "Chromatic Chords"; when built on scale degrees in the root key.

  • Non-Chord Tones

    • A chart giving the function, and voicing, of various note embellishments.

  • Tempi

    • A chart giving the BPM of various tempi; as given in common Jazz, and Classical indications.

  • Physics of the Notes

  • Interval Classes

    • A chart giving the so-called "Interval Class" name of each chromatic interval pair: each interval, and it's inversion, define one Class.